the sinking of the USS Kittiwake

Attention all divers: A new dive site is in the works in the form of a sunken 1945 U.S. Navy ship near West Bay public beach.

These articles cover the event much better than I could, since I was at work at the time of the sinking. There was an intermittent live feed that I pulled up a couple times, but the best documentation I got out of it was a few screen shots. You're better off looking at the professionals' photos, and this pretty impressive video:

I especially like the part in the video where the guys in the tiny boat go floating by -  it shows the size of the ship in much better perspective than I could get on the video feed.

The CayCompass article says that a sea turtle poked his head around to get a view of his new neighbor. That makes me want to dive the site asap!

Here's some more good news: If you prefer snorkeling to diving, the top of the ship will be just 15 feet under the surface, so all curious readers should give it a try!

Keep in mind that the site will be considered a private park, and entry fees (individual or annual) can be paid at the CITA office on West Bay Road.

Get out there!


  1. No way - they sink ships on purpose to create diving sites? That's hilarious!