National Heroes Day

Hooray for Cayman public holidays! National Heroes Day is on January 24th this year, and almost all businesses - even accounting firms - are closed. (Some people at my firm are working, but it's not mandatory unless you have client deadlines. Sweet.)  The reason I'm very excited about this holiday is that we'll have a long weekend while my personal heroes - my parents - are visiting Grand Cayman! What's better than that?

Dining at Ristorante Pappagallo.  Oh.yum.
They just arrived today and brought gorgeous weather with them. More pictures and stories of their week of adventures to come (especially the results of Dad's rotisserie chicken method of getting uber tan. He'll surpass me in about 3.5 days.)


  1. Awe I love this picture the sweetest people I lov eyou guys

  2. You guys look so happy. (We're happy too!! Enjoying our family time in freezing cold Chicago) :)) thank you!!

  3. ohh Chicago is on our list of places to go! but.. maybe not in the freezing cold. :)

    I love that when Dad closes shop, we get to see our families at the same time! send them my love!