pizza party

Our community group from church recently had a make-your-own pizza party during one of our regularly scheduled get-togethers. We made the decision on the Sunday before the party, and I think I talked about it every day leading up to the event. 

The plan was that the host baker made all the crusts and provided tje sauce, and the rest of us brought various toppings.

BK (left), who hails from Pittsburgh, was the man for the job.

"Artisan" personal pizza crusts
I made NS' favorite pizza topping - chicken cordon bleu. I was pretty impressed with how well the recipe turned out.

Thanks for posing, KK.
Another terrific topping was barbecued pulled pork. Not to mention the lobster, and the olives, and the pineapple, and the banana peppers (not all on one pie, mind you.) When the emails started flying around with all the suggested toppings, I think everyone was too intimidated to say, "Yeah, I'll bring the pepperonis." So we didn't have any.

Four pies ready for the oven.

Dinner is served!
 Each pizza had its own unique flavor, as we got to choose our crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. My favorite crust was IM's heart-shaped creation.

Making them was the fun part. Eating them was the satisfying part.

JS attacking his own pulled pork pizza.
 Since I couldn't decide what would be most delicious, I did half chicken cordon bleu, half pulled pork. Brilliant.

I vote we do this again. I'm keen to make a white pizza and add roasted broccoli. Or attempt a Margherita pie. Or chicken Parmesan would be divine...


  1. Pulled pork pizza?! I think that's too delicious for the mouth to handle.

  2. No joke- we've bought Gino's dough to make our own pizzas a few times since our get together :)