New Year's Eve

For our first New Year's Even on the Grand Cayman, we did the locally appropriate thing and spent it on the beach.  NS purchased a few fireworks, including the "H-Bomb". I was a bit offended that they had turned such a massively destructive event into the name of an entertainment device, but then I think I got a little more offended when the fireworks it produced looked like this:

NS and DK ended up dissecting the whole contraption and setting off individual bits right from the beach.

The DIY displays brought boos from some camping out on the beach, but they just gave me the giggles. It's okay if you get what you pay for; they're still fireworks!

I walked around the corner to capture these shots of fireworks shot up from (presumably) Camana Bay.

Fireworks were the theme of the night, as you could look just about any direction on the island and see pretty colors and shapes in the sky.

I also liked this cruise ship, leaving the harbour - another form of colorful glam to light up our last day of 2010.

Of course, when other fireworks disappoint, everyone cheers up with a few sparklers.

The real fireworks were set off near the Ritz and the Seven Mile Public Beach, so that's where we landed next.

The sparklers re-surfaced with NS, RL, and MO. Smiles on every face - that's what a New Year's Eve should yield.

For some unknown reason, Calico Jack's started a huge bonfire - way too big for roasting marshmallows or anything - better for pictures (and clearing that area of the beach).

I'm sure it's just so obvious, but that's me.
Watching fireworks seemed to bring out the friendly side in us all.

Here's to 2011 - a new year, in a new place, with newly found balance, happiness, and peace. We are so thankful that God led us here - if even for a season - where we are enjoying His gorgeous creation every day with some pretty fantastic people.  Welcome, 2011. If you're anything like 2010, this year will be a great one.