August Sunsets & Celebrations

This year's August weather brought a whole lot of heat and sunshine. Always looking for the silver lining in that humidity-laden cloud, we made the best of it with quality time at the pool, the beach, and catching a few beautiful sunsets.

Although we no longer live in our beach-front condo in West Bay, we fortunately have friends who do! That spot near Barkers is still one of our very favorite haunts in Grand Cayman, so we were thrilled to spend an evening in the pool with these pals, which included our favorite 5-month-old little person.

Baby R is already a pro at chillaxin'. She's happy for any willing volunteer to act as her pool lounger.

At this stage, she's still discovering her fingers and toes. This particular evening was a Taste-Your-Toes experience.

In or out of the water, she is an absolute cuddle muffin and adored by all.

Mother and daughter - two wonderful people

Moving from the pool to the beach, the sunset crew set up camp to watch the sky's evening show.

Sunsets like this were a big part of what originally lured us to stay in Cayman, and they now form a constant reminder of the simple things that keep us immensely content.


A couple weeks later, we met Jeremy, Sheena & co. for a Seven Mile Beach sunset.

It was just before the baby's bed time. Her smiley personality gets me grinning every time!

And who could resist those dimples?!

She loves it when her mom counts slowly to 3... the anticipation of a tickle-fest usually incites baby girl giggles.

At five-and-a-half months, Baby R is learning about her mobility and is on the verge of showcasing her crawling skills.

Which leads to progression off the beach mat, which leads to sand in the eyes.

Down by the water, the guys took in the peaceful view.

The baby is always watching and observing, especially amused by her "older sister" (the dog.)

I'm sure this was the first of many Cayman sunsets we'll enjoy with this pint-sized sweetness!


Speaking of pint-sized, one of my favorite kids turned five recently, and I got to take photos at her beach birthday party.

Two years ago, she co-swam everywhere with her mom at her birthday party. But this year, she's an independent fish in the water!

I love this watermelon-eating-paddleboard-riding hang-out session.

Of course no birthday party is complete without games, and this one had a Pirate's Treasure theme.

The kids were all too eager to dig around in the white sand of Seven Mile Beach looking for treasure tokens.

The next activity got all the adults involved in a sandy mermaid competition.

That's one easy way to get a bunch of 5-year-olds to all stay seated simultaneously!

The post-contest clean-up was like the Running of the Bulls - best to stay in the clear on the sidelines.

A treasure hunt ensued with clues that had kids and parents running all over Public Beach in search of a treasure chest.

Gold doubloons were discovered and devoured!

Ice cream cones were dished out to everyone, and we sang "Happy Birthday" while the birthday girl handled her sparkler with care.

Understandably, blowing out a sparkler is no small challenge.

Which is why one of the party goers tried to help things along.

Nope, don't need your help, girlfriend.

Funniest photo of the day

She got to her ice cream cone eventually.

Happy birthday, Sweet J! Here's to many more years of celebrating that joy-filled smile! xoxo