Baby Lifestyle Shoot: 14 Weeks

Last month, I was randomly over at Jeremy and Sheena's house one afternoon, just hanging out with the family of three. There was nothing "special" going on, but something told me to take my camera along.

I used to do this all the time when we first moved to Cayman; my first DSLR was literally attached to me at the hip. I barely ate a meal that wasn't photographically documented back then! I've backed off a lot (there are only so many photos I have the time to take, cull, edit, and post), but I still get a lot of joy from those unexpected, candid moments that are captured forever through a digital photo I've taken.

I think what inspired me on this particular day was the realization that in the life of an infant, every week their looks and abilities and personalities are changing, and I hadn't gotten any real photos of this new baby since she was, well, a new baby.

Updated photos were a necessity. This young one, at 14 weeks, had mastered the back-to-front roll and the forearm hold. She's also a skilled DJ.

She laughs a whole lot now, and is particularly fond of the airplane move.

And she remains so entirely kissable.

I stuck around for the daily bath routine.

That little hand on the side, so relaxed. She slays me!

Bath time is family time - even Maya got herself involved!

This island baby loves water already.

And she has jokes!

I love this little one. Her everyday life is special, and so worth capturing.


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