June: Xtreme Wet Fete

Back when we first moved to the island, it seemed like we couldn't pack enough activities into our lives. 

Almost any suggestion for a dive, a BBQ, an exercise class, a beach day, or a party was met with a "Yes!" from us. This approach helped us to quickly make friends, get acquainted with island living, learn some new skills (like diving, kiteboarding, and even running), and helped us to quickly conclude that Cayman was going to be more than just a two year adventure.

The first of many, many boat days.

Life always seems to pick up speed.  Job responsibilities take over, you finally realize that your calendar only has seven days in each week, and you start to whittle down your activities to the ones that really add value to your everyday existence. 

Which is a nice way of saying that we all get into a rut after a while.

We needed to get out of the rut. We needed to prove that we still have a sense of fun and adventure even in the place we call home, willing to do something completely outside the norm.

Which is why I agreed--rather quickly, I might add--to go to the recent Xtreme Wet Fete event.

Firstly, for all you non-Caribbean people out there, a fete (rhymes with "wet") is basically a street party, usually with soca music (originating from Trinidad) - somewhat Carnival-style. I don't have a lot of soca music in my history, but I will say it is some of the happiest Caribbean music I've heard. 

You might think you don't have rhythm. You might think you don't like to dance in public. You haven't tried soca.

Anyway, Wet Fete is a big street party. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of fetes: Powder Fete, Paint Fete, even Chocolate Fete. (The event names give you a clue as to what party-goers come home covered in.) This Fete was held on the waterfront in George Town with a big stage for the DJs and a large open area for the partiers and the water trucks.

And there was also a foam pit.

All the bubbles!

We observed from the sidelines for a little while until the hoses came out, and that's when everyone gravitated toward the water.

Here we are, pre-hose-down...

...just moments before this scene became a reality!

Wet Fete is exhilarating!

See my happy face up above? I actually couldn't close my mouth, I was just so excited. I kept jumping around, left and right, back and forth, barely able to see, but just so joyful!!

Wet Fete just makes so much sense to me: I get to jump around in the summer heat for hours and not get sweaty. The logic is impossible to deny.

Me with a teammate from work

Random guy who is also feeling the excitement

Here is a short video of a couple clips Nate took of me enjoying the mayhem.

Can't you just feel the energy and excitement?! My little arms and legs just couldn't jump and flail around fast enough. I wouldn't call what I was doing "dancing", but what a great way to blow off some steam at the end of a work week.

And speaking of steam, this Caribbean summer is getting any cooler. Another Wet Fete, anyone?


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while and I absolutely love this post. I'm from the Caribbean and recently started my accounting career (not in public, though I'm looking to make the move) and you've really inspired me to pursue accounting more aggressively.

    I'm glad that you're fully (culturally) immersed in the Caribbean life.

    God bless you and your husband and take care.