Surfside Birthday

I find it very entertaining, as a DINK, to be invited to a child's birthday party. You've got cute kids everywhere, parents alternating between socializing and corralling their offspring, plenty of finger food and ice cream, and, as an outside looking in, only a limited amount of responsibility.

Last weekend, I was invited to such a party as both a guest and a casual photographer to celebrate JW's third birthday.

This scenario suited me just fine for the following reasons:

1) JP, L, and little J are some of my dearest friends in Cayman.

2) I think parents are smart to invite a photographer-friend to their parties so they can actually enjoy interacting with guests rather than succumbing to the pressure of documenting every precious moment.

3) The party was held at Surfside - one of Grand Cayman's best beach bar/restaurants along Seven Mile Beach when entertaining a crowd.

As seen in the background above, Surfside has a bunch of beach loungers for guests, and these chairs sit right outside of Surfside's west-facing sea-view restaurant located just north of SMB Public Beach.

Our birthday party spot was off to the side and out of the fray, but still only a short swim from the floating bar.

The birthday girl enjoyed a ride from mom out to the water cabana.

Of course some of the best shots of the day were of the kids enjoying the beach. I couldn't get enough of this kid with his shark floaty.

I want a shark floaty! 

I could settle for bright pink arm bubbles that match my swim bottoms, though.

Or I could take pink goggles for a spin...

...or top it all off with a pink coverup. 

From behind the lens, I caught party guests re-landscaping the beach...

 ...chatting with friends...

...chatting with themselves...

...and giggling with mom. 

Surfside truly is a beach for all ages, with everything from food and drink, to beach loungers and umbrellas, to a beachside bar, to water sports equipment like wave runners and paddle boards. You can even try the jetpack from Surfside!

Stole a shot from our Christmas wakeboarding experience to highlight one of Surfside's attraction.

Back to the party: JW's parents brought ice cream for all the guests and stuck three sparklers in the birthday girl's ice cream cone for her candle-blowing moment.

I love this little one's smile!

Making a wish!

Everyone enjoys an ice cream cone on a hot August day. We train them early here in Cayman.

Happy birthday, JW! Your infectious smile lights up this island!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Jenn! I wish you could photography Gio's future birthdays! Of course Cincy bdays aren't nearly as photogenic as cayman ones! What are you using to edit pictures these days? They look great!

    1. Thanks Katie! I wish I could photograph Gio on a regular basis! I think your house makes a perfectly picturesque backdrop. :) I'm using Lightroom 5, and I really love it. Still learning it, though!

  2. wonderful shot, thinking you will be invited again to her 4th birthday :D

  3. You take the cutest photographs. I might have to come back to Cayman just to have you photograph a day of us hanging out. :) Cross your fingers the winds take us that way.

    1. Haha! You're welcome any time, and the camera is always ready!