As an American, September 11th is a date that changed my history.

9/11 changed my concept of flying.
9/11 changed my husband's military deployment.
9/11 changed my country's approach to national security.
9/11 changed my understanding of the Middle East.

Through history books and various second-hand sources, the next generation will learn about that awful day and the events that have followed over the past twelve years. But some of us will always remember.

Memories of going to Dad's dental practice for a normal day of work, only to end up watching the news as it unfolded on the old TV set in the reception area. Memories of the prayer service held at my church later that night. Memories of my friends (including my future husband) signing up to join the military. Memories of tears and terror. Of presidents and patriotism. Of firefighters and faith.

Taken from the TED blog, full of moving images from 9/11/01.

Today we remember those who were lost, those who fought, and those who still fight.


As an American living in Grand Cayman, I've been aware from Day 1 of the devastating effects of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. What I learned only today, I'm ashamed to say, is that Hurricane Ivan struck on September 11th-12th, 2004.

What a day for memories.

Taken from the Deep Blue Images blog, remembering the events of Hurricane Ivan.

Since I have no memories from Ivan, I use these images to remind myself to be thankful for calm weather during our nearly three years on island.

My prayers today: Peace in the Middle East, and safety in Grand Cayman.


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