Video Highlight: When Besties Visit

Over the summer, Nate's childhood best friend Phil and his lovely wife Lindsey had the opportunity to visit Cayman for the second time.

During their first visit in 2011, we all ran the Cayman Islands half marathon together. It was bonding experience, for sure, but not exactly a perfectly relaxing vacation.

This time, P&L just needed some time to kick back and have a chilled-out Caribbean holiday right before they made a pretty big move to North Carolina.

We were happy to accommodate, keeping the excitement to a minimum and the relaxation to a maximum.

Unless of course you consider sunset cruises, snorkeling, and boat cruises with puppies worth getting excited about, in which case, it was a pretty sweet vaca.

We used P&L's visit as an excuse to test out the Flavour Tour in Camana Bay - a 5-stop progressive dinner, starting at West Indies Wine Company, and rotating through courses at Ortanique, Michael's, Abacus, and Mizu, all for $69. Everyone left pretty full and pretty happy.

I can't recommend it enough.

Flavour Tour-ing it up.

I wanted to tinker with Final Cut Pro using a mix of my videos and photos, so here's a short video showing the highlights of our week with P&L.

Hey guys, ready for more relaxing excitement, or maybe some exciting relaxation? Whatever it is, come back soon!


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