new for 2013: The Fly Up

Bringing the blog back to the present for a second: It is now January, which means that the most popular topics on my Pinterest feed these days are healthy foods and workout tips. I can't complain; no matter how healthy we may try to be, the holidays seem to always have a different agenda when it comes to indulgent food. Thanksgiving marches in, all proud of its autumnal harvest, showing off with apple pies (a la mode, of course), sweet potato casseroles (emphasis on the "sweet"), and heaps of mashed potatoes and gravy. Christmas is no help to the waistline, since everyone and their sister wants to host a party, and there's no such thing as a low-fat, guilt-free Christmas cookie exchange. New Years often means a late, bubbly night, and the next day filled with heavy wintery food like pork and sauerkraut.

And then comes January 2nd, when the bathroom scale magically sprouts legs overnight and follows you around until you've satisfied it with a weigh-in every hour on the hour, just to see if pinning new workouts has helped you burn any calories.

It hasn't.

What we need is action! Actual workouts that work. Things we can do regularly - daily! - and without a great deal of inconvenience. And to be really specific, we accountants - on the very brink of our busy season - need efficient, effective workout procedures that address our risk of material weight gain.

Oops. I might have just crossed the line into the world of geeky accounting language.

But being an accountant doesn't necessarily preclude you from fitness success. Enter my very good pal, Brent Kruithof, CPA, who is here to save the world from material weight gain. This guy knows what it's like to work hard behind the audit laptop and work out hard in the home gym. Let's just take a look at the evidence:

Flowers Sea Swim 2011: NS and MS with Brent in a pre-race pose.

Flowers Sea Swim 2011: NS and Brent
getting ready for a mile in the water.

Little Cayman 2012: Brent and Katie relaxing on one of the sister islands during a weekend getaway.

If the photos haven't spoken for themselves already, I think it's clear: This guy is doing something right, and if he were on Pinterest, I'd be repinning all of his workout tips.

As regular readers know, Brent and Katie moved away from Grand Cayman last year, supposedly to pick up where they had left off in their home of Cincinnati, Ohio. What's new and exciting about Brent's present adventures back in the States is that he's on a break from public accounting while pursuing his passion: Fitness! Brent recently designed a product called the Fly Up, and by all indicators, this little item will help us all to look a little more like him. Take a look at this intro video:

Fly Up Fitness from Fly Up Fitness on Vimeo.

Needless to say, we've pre-ordered a Fly Up and two t-shirts, for the following reasons:

1) New workout equipment is inspiring, especially when it's something you can use anywhere - at home, in a hotel room, even at the gym. I'm envisioning Fly Up gym classes!

2) What better way to be part of the next big thing than to fund the next big thing in its infancy? I feel so trendy.

3) Everyone wants to look like Brent. That includes us.

So join in and be a part of Fly Up Fitness' first success story! You only have a few weeks left to place your order, so head on over to the fundraising site, place an order (or two), pass along this info to all of your family, friends, and fitness gurus, and make 2013 the year of the Fly Up! Your body will thank you!

Disclaimer: This post contains a referral link that will give me credit for any resulting Fly Up Fitness purchases. However, all opinions in this post are entirely my own.


  1. It is so hard as accountants to get away from that desk during tax season. Especially when many firms conveniently order food every night from the Italian bistros nearby. Grrr. Good luck with weight maintenance till April :)

    1. I agree! But getting some exercise, even during busy season, can go a long way for overall mental health and productivity. Don't let work rob you of your life!

  2. awesome post. i just wish there was a larger gallery of pictures of brent without his shirt on.

    1. Yeah. But that would just be creepy on my part. :)