engagement photos with E&C

If you have a slow internet connection, you're going to hate me for this next post. There are tons of photos to look at, and I've failed at winnowing out the bad ones! These people just don't take bad ones.

Back in October, when we were visiting my family in Cape Coral, my sister got engaged to the man of her dreams. I gave them no option but to let me immediately take some unofficial engagement photos, since it was the last time I'd see either of them prior to the wedding.

Engagement pictures are the most fun reason to photograph ever.

You have two people that are in love, excited for their future, and a girl wearing bling to show off to the world.

But don't think this was an entirely normal engagement shoot.  What these two have going for them is a healthy dose of silliness.

Look what we found hiding in the Flordian greenery!

I mean. What on earth.

 Anyway. Getting back to the more traditional poses...

...or not.  When you have two model-ready subjects, regular shots come out better than average.

If you're wondering about the setting, the photos above were taken around the community pool area in my parents' neighborhood. We then found one of those really big wooden playgrounds nearby, and since these two have a penchant for fun...

...I just followed them around the jungle gym, looking for the afternoon's streaming light.

My parents live right on a lake, and there are plenty of these bodies of water everywhere in their community. I had an idea for one of those back flip photos, and I thought it would look so pretty in front of a lake.

What I didn't realize was that this is a difficult pose???

At one point, they may have over-committed to the pose, and things got out of control...

...I love these kids.

But ultimately, they nailed it. I knew they had it in 'em!

As a side note, this was the first set of photos that I took in RAW and then subsequently edited in Lightroom 4. I found myself a new time drain!

I still have a ton to learn about corrections and conversions and whatnot, but it's great to have options.

We finally decided to leave the neighborhood and go scouting for a new location. Since I don't know the area well, we pretty much just pulled over whenever we saw an interesting building.

Not that I needed much help in making these two look awesome or anything.

By the way, somebody is pleased as punch about her new, sparkly ring. Well done, CH! You know how to seal the deal!

He only had to ask once.

Shadow play...

And: One of my favorites!

Our final stop was at the Cape Coral Yacht Club, which is where CH actually popped the question.

You can't go wrong with beach photos. They bring out everyone's sunny disposition.

Oh, and have I mentioned how well this ring went over?

New sparkles make everyone drool!

And just to give you an idea of how the whole ring thing went down, this spot will be memorable for a while.

Another favorite! Loving the Florida sun here.

Congratulations to E&C!! I'm super excited for the big event in April. If you're both half as happy on your wedding day as you are in these photos, I think there are many more smiles to be captured.

To see the rest of the photos from this engagement shoot, check out my Google+ album here.


  1. I saw your HGTV episode today. Great job and I'm glad you're still enjoying the Caymans! These pics of the newly engaged couple are beautiful! I see a second career for you.

  2. Jenn - forget auditing and go for photography - excel is overrated!!!

    1. haha I suppose you're right - it's just a big, white grid anyway!