Christmas 2012: Holiday Crafting.2

Welcome to Christmas Crafting Part 2!

Unbelievably, I have so many creative friends in Cayman that I was invited to not one but two Christmas crafting events on the same day! Fortunately, one was in the morning and one was in the evening, so I pretty much crafted for a whole day straight. No complaints from this girl!

MO and RG had set the table with Santa hats, craft supplies, take-away bags, and visual inspiration.
I think it was during party #2 that I decided December was going to be a calorie write-off. Four dozen cookies at party #1, and then gingerbread cookies, minced pies, and Santa-hat brownies at party #2? The odds were stacked against me.

Love the results of a Pinterest dessert.

Since this party was held at the beginning of December, it was super fun to see how the girls had recently decorated their apartment. There were lots of decorations I could have photographed, but I'm a sucker for live trees.

RG shows off the British ornaments on their pretty tree.

Wrapped presents in early December?! Someone was on their A-game.

I do love a festive house, and M&R certainly delivered on that front.

Soon we all were crafting away, passing the sequins, testing out our needlework skills, and making a mess with Mod Podge.

RG, MO, and RH busy with Christmas creations

Also, I declare gold sequins to be appropriate for all seasons! Because I love them so.

Over the course of the evening, I decorated two Christmas tree balls and made two tiny stockings for the tree. I felt the spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder come upon me while I worked on sewing even stitches!

Also, I will shamelessly admit that I really, really love felt. Makes me feel like a kid!

Aren't perfectly-decorated take-away bags the best? It makes you feel like you have a party favor, even if you did all the work yourself.

After we'd crafted our little hearts out, we walked over to Camana Bay to catch the end of the Parade of Lights, which they commemorate with a fireworks display. Of course, the entire place was decorated for the season. So jolly.

It's snowing somewhere.

Christmas lights look nice on palm trees too.

This Christmas quilt was part of an artist's display. Maybe I was just in the crafty spirit,
but I really liked it! How much fun it would be to make this! #someday

We found an open space by KARoo as the fireworks began. Oh Cayman! I'll never find another place that adores fireworks like you do!

We met up with some of our guys. Here they posed for a bro photo.

Every display has something new!

And that, my friends, wraps up my Christmas-themed posts for the season. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and may you experience the joy that Christmas brings twelve months out of the year!


  1. I love your neat blanket stitch on the little felt stocking!!