more house hunters in Cayman!

To all the House Hunters aficionados out there: Make sure you tune in to HGTV tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST for a new episode that will feature our lovely island! I've been excited about this episode for weeks, simply to see the inside of the homes that a $2M budget will allow. The intro on HGTV's website reads:

Fed up with Ontario's frigid winters, accountants Ian and Jaslyne Bridges are opting for a change in climate and also a change of pace. Relocating their family to a beachside rental on Grand Cayman Island seemed like the ideal move, but after six months they haven't been able to settle in. The Bridges hope to make this island resort a home by setting down roots in a more family friendly space. They want a luxurious canal front house with edgy style and high end features. With a two million dollar budget the Bridges know what they like and aren't willing to compromise. Armed with a dynamic range of properties, real estate agent Cathy Williams still has her work cut out for her. Will she be able to find the home that can wow this picky couple? Find out when House Hunters International takes the plunge on Grand Cayman Island.

 I'd say that accountants in Grand Cayman are really making a splash on the silver screen these days, what with all our house hunting activities. I guess it makes sense, when you consider the island attracts these types of CPAs (slash CAs slash ACCAs):

We can't be too upset about 50-hour work weeks when we spend our weekends on the water.
So tune in to HGTV tonight to catch what is bound to be another gorgeous episode of House Hunters in Grand Cayman. And to Ian and Jaslyne: Break a leg!


  1. Plus, Grand Cayman has Seven Mile Beach - a wonderful beach to go for kitesurfing, indeed. I also watch house-hunting shows occasionally, but I prefer to hunt with wheels. House hunting is one of driving's confidants.