Island Air Show 2012

A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to be on the guest list for the always-exciting Island Air Show, hosted by our friend MC in the Island Air hanger. Believe it or not, we don't get many chances to dress up on this island, and while I appreciate the casual vibe that rules 99% of the time, I won't turn down a red carpet experience.

The Island Air Show is all about bringing out the big toys: convertibles, speed boats, and of course, private airplanes. Although we weren't in the market to make a purchase, we were as eager as anyone to be posing near all the boy toys.

Seeing all these charter and personal planes reminds me of the days, nearly thirty years ago, when Dad flew a Piper Archer around in his spare time.  Seems like a lifetime away. Okay, it was a lifetime away for me. I just like to imagine my parents jetsetting around.

All the planes were opened up, ready for camera-laden visitors like us. 

Let's see if this one is a fit...
Look at this guy's face. See, you don't have to own to enjoy! (That's been our renters' mindset for the past nine years.)

You can speculate that the smile above relates purely to sitting in luxury aircraft, and you might be right. But I'd also suggest it had something to do with the rows and rows of cupcakes available to the guests.

What a thing of beauty. Baked goods on Grand Cayman often come from Frosted Robin, Cayman Cupcakes, or Treats - all delicious sources!

In between our sweet bites (of which there were several), we sampled small plates from The Wharf and Lobster Pot. Isn't it fun when all your food is so small that you feel (almost) no guilt over anything?!

This face refuses to feel guilt. Until....
Oh dear! More sweets! I found these while lingering around the table hosted by The Cabana. Their baked goods were as unique as their merchandise.

A cake with intricate Lilly Pulitzer-inspired frosting? Brilliant!
Although the event itself was hosted in an airplane hanger, the decorations, music, and food absolutely transformed the venue.

This area felt like a cool lounge.

Lovely centerpieces, with very large boats in the blurry background.

Try telling me I'm in a hanger. I'm actually in an art gallery!
We had a fabulous time at the party (although I did end the night in Cinderella fashion with a broken shoe. Another item for the U.S. shopping list.)

A huge thank-you to MC, owner of Island Air, for hosting another incredible event.

  photo credit: The Hub Facebook page / MO
NS, MC, RL, me


  1. I love that cake!


  2. love the picture of you in that hanging chair thing. you look so sophisticated!