basketball league 2012

Well, my resident national champ is at it again, lighting up the court and taking it to the rim each week for the Charterland team.

As you may recall, this team went for gold in last year's title game and won it!

This year, the guys in purple are once again playing in the Cayman Islands Basketball Association Division II, and they are absolutely dominating their games every week.

The guys managed to rack up over 100 points in the game you see pictured here. Incredible!

As if that wasn't impressive enough, bear in mind that the guys played that game with an empty bench.

That's right: 5 guys = 100 points.

If you think I'm making it all up, check out the local news coverage of the game.
Charterland blow out Shockwaves
[article from CayCompass]

The Charterland team has finished their regular season and are now entering the playoffs as undefeated division leaders. I encourage all Cayman readers to make some time to come see a playoff game (schedule found here). Having a strong fan base is a critical component of any winning team, so please help me cheer on Nate, Jeremy, Will, Chris, Conrad, Scott, and Ovaine on their quest for the trophy!


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