July sunsets

I'm trying to clean out my recent photos and post a few items before we leave for vacation tomorrow, but as it stands right now, I have four posts in draft form! I wish myself luck.

By the time I see another Cayman sunset, it will be a new month. I don't think the world can ever have enough sunset photos, so here are a few from July. I think it's a nice way to remember the month.

This first shot is almost more about the sky than the actual sunset. While it's tempting to zone in on the setting orb, I think the rest of the sky gets forgotten when it's actually putting on a show.

And now,  a tiny little trick: For these next two photos, I started with my lens somewhat zoomed in, and then zoomed all the way out while taking the shot.

That tiny streak of orange at the bottom is the sun.

Here is the same technique with a less dramatic effect:

More sky wonders:

Every sunset is so different, I feel like I could never bore of seeing them night after night. But sometimes it would be nice to see the sunset from another angle. If you have a favorite sunset shot - from the Cayman Islands or elsewhere - send it my way! We'll compare sun notes.

Happy mid-summer evening!


  1. Awesome shots - enjoy your time in the states!!