house guests.10: the music

Oh dear. I hope the first half of this post doesn't make me look like a neglectful hostess. Let me explain.

One of the things NS and I love about renting is the non-existent maintenance costs. When something breaks, we call the management company, and they send someone right over to fix it. After the job is done, someone else pays the bill. And as every homeowner knows, something always breaks. Besides, while I might be handy with a calculator and NS might be handy with a budget, neither of us is handy with things like plumbing or installing household appliances. So renting continues to work for us.

Our latest household issue was that shortly before our home filled with sisters, our laundry washer broke. With three girls on the way, a broken washer would never do, and before long our management company had scheduled for a new model to arrive. The delivery was set for a day when we'd be at work but the girls would be home, so we told them to just let the delivery men in to do their job. Everything went as planned, until the guys heard ERP singing to herself in the other room and decided to put on a demonstration of their own original work. A scenario like this could only have happened to E, our Little Miss Random, who had the presence of mind to get the guys to do a second performance for her web cam. Thank goodness. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen this:

Before long, the Cayman Tour song was all we could hear replaying in our heads both at home and work. NS, who is famous for singing just one line (repeatedly) of any song he's ever heard, was the song's biggest promoter. But the girls wanted to give him at least one other Cayman song to sing, so over the course of the week, they wrote this:

(Sorry for the random toe on stage left and the annoying dryer beep partway through. I think the girls' voices more than make up for it.)

We've had so much fun humming this all over the island. As far as I'm concerned, it's the new theme song for Grand Cayman. I'm just waiting for the Department of Tourism to get on board so we can make it official!


  1. i love both these songs! the guys on the first video still crack me up!

  2. This is awesome--singing washing machine installation men. I love it.