date night at Pappagallo

A few weeks ago, we needed another date night. It was the middle of June - traditionally a very busy month for Cayman accountants trying to meet the CIMA June 30th deadline. We had spent a lot of time with friends during May - our month of house guests - so we just needed a quick re-connect. Plus, I had just gotten my quarterly wash, cut, and blowout. That makes date night non-negotiable.


We chose Ristorante Pappagallo for their menu and atmosphere, and we were happy to sit on their large, screened-in porch for the serene outdoor ambiance. What surprised us, though, was the live harpist that serenaded our dinner hour. What a treat!

 The musician played a selection of classic love songs, every single one of which had me humming along and practically turning the porch's open area into a dance floor. My few weeks of ballroom dancing lessons with NS last year were just itching to be utilized.

But I got distracted by the food.

Pappagallo has updated its menu recently, adding a new category of side dishes that are more like tapas. So while NS ordered the Jerked Niman Ranch Pork Chop, I ordered three sides to share that caught my eye.

This photo was taken quickly, as you can see he is in "ready to attack the plate" mode.
I don't remember the names of all my dishes, but the concepts are tempura shrimp, sweet potato nuggets, and clams with tomatoes.

Hungry yet?

We've now been to Pappagallo three times, and each time the food and service have been exceptional. I'm not sure where the next date night will find us, but I wouldn't complain if we landed here.

And in any case, I'll be with this guy. Life is good.


  1. Oh my gosh, after I looked at the food pictures I said to myself "She is making me HUNGRY!" And then you wrote "Hungry yet?" And I was like "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL.