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Now that Christmas is over and all the expat travelers are back on island, I've been asked the standard question once or twice: "What did NS get you for Christmas?"

And until a week ago, I would say, "Oh! Two trips off island!! I saw family in Florida and then spent a weekender in Honduras!" 

(And on that note, let me over-summarize the three-week holiday stretch: It was a wonderful Christmas - one of the best, actually.)

But the truth is, we really didn't do a whole lot in terms of wrapped presents this year. I got him a new beach towel, he got me a new teapot... things we liked and wanted, but nothing to write home about.

However. NS is a crafty one. Unbeknownst to me, he had custom ordered a new ring for me from one of my all-time favorite jewelers as a late Christmas surprise. So a couple of days into the new year, I got something new and shiny: 

I dolphin-squealed. (That's how he knows I'm in love.)

Aside from the fact that I'm a sucker for anything gold and chunky, this piece was extra special because it was hand-crafted by Michael Janetis, a talented jeweler who we've known since we were knee-high.

No really. He's in our family home videos. He sung at our wedding. We're talking real history, folks.

Michael and his wife, Jaime
Image courtesy of Janetis & Company

After my initial excitement to be wearing new bling made by an old friend, I settled down and thought it would be interesting to do an blog interview for the readership to highlight Mike's latest and greatest endeavors.

So here you are: OffshoreCPA's first business interview, highlighting a company and product that is near and dear to my heart.


OffshoreCPA: You've been in and out of jewelry design for years. What made you return to the business, and what is the new emphasis for Janetis & Co.?

Michael Janetis: Well, I started in jewelry design back in 1999, and over the years, it has been something that I would pick up and lay down during different seasons based upon my availability to give myself to the craft. I have consistently over the years worked with a select private clientele, but more recently my passion for design has been consuming. So now I have found myself desiring to share my craft with others to enjoy. Our jewelry is designed to reflect the things that we value in life. We look at each piece as a work of art that is organic and versatile.

OC: You and I are both from the same hometown, where custom jewelry has quite a presence. How did growing up around the custom jewelers of central Pennsylvania affect where you are today in your jewelry career?

MJ: The great artists of our hometown had an incredible influence on me. I have always had a high respect for these craftsmen, which is why today you will continue to see evidence of their inspiration in my work.

Image courtesy of Janetis & Co.

OC: How have your designs changed over time? Is there anything that has remained the same?

MJ: Over the years, my work has continued to progress through discovering who I am as an artist. However, it has maintained the original integrity of its old world organic nature. 

Women's bracelet, B118
Image courtesy of Janetis & Co.

OC: You're also a gifted songwriter and musician. Does music in any way help to inspire your designs?

MJ: Even though music is a completely different expression of media, for me music has always been a release of the deeper things beneath the surface, which in return overflows in all aspects of my life physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

OC: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

MJ: For me there is nothing more gratifying than to bring a client's vision to fruition. From a sketch to a completed jewelry design, I love sharing in the creative process. I feel that deep down inside, we are all artists at the core, and beauty is translated when we realize that we do not own creativity but rather we are stewards of it through the inspiration of life and others around us.

OC: What is the most challenging part of jewelry design?

MJ: Conceptually I would have to say remaining fresh and open to new inspiration at the same time as staying true to my current collection. 

OC: What is the best way for new customers to find your jewelry designs?

MJ: Our new website www.janetisandcompany.com. We just launched this website in November, and we are continually adding new designs on a weekly basis. 

Men's ring R107
Image courtesy of Janetis & Co.

OC: Lastly, I noticed that your daughter Ali recently drew up a necklace design. Do you have a young budding artist in the making?

MJ: Well, I hate to sound biased but Ali is without a doubt one of the most creative children I have ever encountered. Her sensitivity to her surroundings astounds me at times. When she was 5 years old she wrote her first song...melody line and all. We actually recorded that song together in the studio...a memory for life that puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.  


And there you have it! Janetis & Company is officially on my Most Favored Businesses list. I am honored to wear the designs of such a talented and passionate artist, and I feel privileged to be able to call Michael and his entire family our life-long friends.

For more beauty and inspiration from Janetis & Co., check out this video from their website:

And hey, poke around the website and their Facebook page a bit - there's a little something for everyone. After all, Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away. And I might have a birthday this year. Sometime.

Just sayin.

PS. A million thank-you's to NS for 1) such a pretty ring and 2) taking the hand-model photos above. No more of this tripod modeling necessary!


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