Melting Hearts: Custom Eyes Obsession

Here in the Cayman Islands, we get over 300 days of sunshine every year.

Now, before the jealous hate mail starts piling in, let me just say that I feel this is the appropriate time to announce this non-shocking statistic, because as the majority of my friends and family are living in parts of the world that are experiencing colorful, crunchy leaves, regular hayrides, and the squeal-inducing #PSL, I can at least remember that we have no shortage of Vitamin D in Cayman.

But there is a downside to all this sunny weather: Crows feet.

I've become increasingly aware of all the squinting that I do in this mega-bright island world. I figure that if I can stop/slow the progression of wrinkles around my eyes by wearing sunglasses, why not? So it's for this reason - and for this reason only - that I recently invested in two pairs of Melting Hearts sunglasses.

Ok, so there were other reasons. Like, wearing them can turn even accountants into fun people.

Also, the company's designer is based here in Cayman. Getting quality eyewear from a local business? Winning.

Earlier this week, I decided to test out my new Custom Eyes Melting Hearts sunnies in two scenarios: Sunrise and sunset.

There was just one tiny problem: Most of the people I know on island are not awake during sunrise.

My solution? A solo selfie shoot.

That's right: This ridiculously narcissistic post is brought to you by a sturdy tripod and a $5 remote.

But seriously, aren't these sunglasses so classy??  I love tortoise shell - it matches my hair and goes with approximately 95% of my wardrobe.

The only comment I have about these lenses is that they're not incredibly dark. Remember my crows feet dilemma...

Enter the second pair of Custom Eyes Melting Hearts: Tangerine with mirror lenses.

Modeled during sunset. Photographed by NS. Who was awake.

These bad boys are so dark that if I wear them inside, I start bumping into the furniture.  That's why I prefer to stay outside.

Sunset: Everyone's favorite time of day.

Can these shades withstand the Cayman sunshine? You betcha. Take a look at this silly but revealing shot that NS took, holding the sunglasses up to the camera lens.

I am grateful to NS for helping me with the sunset photos. To prevent him from thinking he had married a perma-tourist with my big camera bag out and about during sunset, I coupled the shoot up with a long-overdue date night.

Not that it takes much to tempt anyone to come out for nature's amazing evening show.

If you look closely, there are a couple halos around the sunset as it dips below the horizon.

Want to know how to get your pair of Melting Hearts? The colors and sizes are almost limitless, which you can check out on If you're local to Cayman, you can find them at Billy Bones (at Treasure Island) and Waterman. And as the name suggests, the beauty of the Custom Eyes line is that you can swap out the lenses and the arms of the sunglasses to make your pair truly fit your personality and style.

I'm permanently addicted to my orange set, but I've also been heavily tempted by the pink, white, and purple pairs. So what if I dream of owning sunglasses in the colors of the rainbow? Wearing fun shades makes me smile.

And if smiling is the sole reason I someday get crows feet, then bring it on.


In case you're wondering how these glasses look on the male population, check it out:


We continued to watch the sunset with a little date night pre-game action at Sidebar.

What a great way to spend a Thursday night.

P.S. Click here only if you love self-absorbed photo albums and are obsessed with Melting Hearts. Or you're my mother.


  1. Thanks so much for the Melting Hearts Sunglasses post on your blog. My wife and I have been coming to Cayman on vacation for 30 years. ( I happen to be a CPA/tax attorney as well but still in the states). I lost my sunglass lens in the ocean and I was looking for a reasonable replacement and came across your blog and I am going to pick up a pair today. Jay

    1. Jay, so glad this post was helpful to you on your vacation! You can't afford to be here without a great set of shades - it must be one of the sunniest places on earth! Enjoy your vacation.