PSY has nothing on BK

Recurring confession: My blog is not up to date. I've been wrestling with how to tackle this issue, as we're preparing to close out 2012, and I still have so many photos and experiences that haven't been shared or described. There are the obvious absent blog posts, like my sister's engagement and our trip to Israel, but there are also a lot of random photos, like birthday parties and sports and a party revolving around my first viewing of Downton Abbey. I'd love to blog about each and every topic, but with busy season fast approaching, I just need to be honest with myself: Some photos won't make it onto the blog. I think I've come up with a partial solution, so readers and Facebook friends should stay tuned for some wrap-up posts over the next holiday week.

As part of this solution, tonight I was going through and editing photos from the fourth quarter, and I found a series of shots that I took at DB's birthday pool party that were just too good not to share. And they're really best shared all together. So NS did a bit of tech research and figured out how to make a GIF for me.

So here's a little Gangnam-style pool dive for you, which I think is a good representation of pop culture in 2012, tailored for our island lifestyle.

Thank you to BK for being an endless source of entertainment for our crowd in 2012. Looking forward to more belly laughs in 2013!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Two more sleeps!


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