Christmas 2012: Camana Bay Tree Lighting

Merry Christmas! 

We're celebrating Christmas in Cayman this year with N's family, similar to our first Christmas after moving to Grand Cayman. What surprised me then and what continues to impress me now is how dedicated the island is to honoring this holiday season. Just because we live on a tropical island doesn't mean we miss out on Christmas cheer!

Right after Thanksgiving, Camana Bay held their annual tree lighting. Although this tree lighting event might not draw the same crowds as the one at Rockfeller, I was glad to have a first-row seat along the Crescent, which gave me a great view of the orchestra and choir leading up to the lighting.

Oh, here's a just-for-fun shot, inspired by a photo taken by the talented Maddy Holcomb.

Bright lights and reflective musical instruments make this out-of-focus shot so pretty.

Since there aren't many opportunities for live music events here in Cayman, I really enjoyed listening to the Cayman National Orchestra's selection of Christmas favorites.

But the main reason I went to the tree lighting was to hear SM's sweet voice in the Cayman National Choir. And also to use my zoom lens to get a shot of that perma-grin.

I found a few other familiar faces in the crowd, which is one of the things I love about Cayman: Bumping into your friends in unexpected places.

Surprise! EG and EM formed part of the choir.

Side note: That sweet face on the right (EM) showed up again at a later Christmas celebration, as she formed part of a live acoustic band at N's Christmas party.

The children's choir from Cayman International School also got a chance to display their Christmas spirit.

They might look pious, but you know those youngsters are counting the minutes until Santa lands.
Just look at the kid on the far left! He's excited.

But my favorite shots of the night came from directly behind the conductor. For goodness sake, what glorious lights.

This just makes my stomach do flip-flops!

Finally, Santa's arrival marked tree-lighting time.

Announcing Santa's landing.

In Cayman, sometimes this guy goes by "Father Christmas".

That beard looks pretty real from here.

Whatever his official name, it was time for the guy in the big red suit to light the tree.

Bling! Bright and blue, and lit for the whole Christmas season.

Merry Christmas from Grand Cayman! More holiday cheer to come.


  1. love the lights in all these pictures! so pretty!

  2. That’s simply great! No one can celebrate Christmas like you did on this Tropical Island. These celebration photographs are enough to tell how much you guys enjoyed. I too would like to celebrate one Christmas over there but I don’t know when I will go there. I am also selecting a few of the best Cayman Tattoo designs that I can get them when I go there.