mother(land) trip

My blogging hiatus can be explained with a few photos.

We just got back from the trip of my dreams.

During twelve days in Israel, we saw sections of the North, South, East, and West. And out of everything we saw, Jerusalem proved to be the most interesting city I've ever visited. The religious atmosphere is almost tangible.

And speaking of tangible, the gorgeous food is no joke. So much of what we ate was locally-grown and freshly prepared.

Halva is my new favorite guilty pleasure. But not too much guilt - it's 80% sesame!

I have so. many. photos. Shocking, I know. But each one is a memory, and I'm so glad to have them. They'll make an appearance here eventually.

But more importantly, prior to our Israel Trek, we popped into Cape Coral to visit the family.

I had to visit the Mother (et al) before heading to the Motherland.

I don't get to see these girls often enough, so I clung to every moment of our long weekend together.

But paramount to everything else that happened over the past month is the big news that my youngest sister got engaged during our visit. (Sound familiar? I must be the engagement fairy. Or something.) But seriously! How exciting is that?!

Anyway, we couldn't be more thrilled with the addition of CH to our family, and of course I managed to squeeze in an engagement shoot with these beauties before we flew east.

So there are a lot of photos from our various travels coming your way. Prepare yourself. And be patient.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!! =)

  2. Oh gosh...I'm in love with Israel already!

  3. Good preview! Can't wait to see the Israel pictures!