Baby A | newborn photo shoot

I wrote a while ago that I was lucky enough to spend an evening with my friends C&R and their one-month firstborn, Baby A, and snap a few photos while we visited. Finally, I've gotten around to sharing more of those photos with you. Such a sweet family!

First of all, let me just say that every shoot for me is an enormous learning experience. I did a good bit of reading on how to photograph newborns before this shoot, and I quickly learned that the ideal age to capture those adorable sleeping-baby-in-the-craziest-position shots is within the first week or so of their lives. They do nothing but sleep at that stage! (Except when you want them to.)

Baby A, at four weeks, wanted to watch every second of the action, as you can see.

 She wasn't all that pleased with being naked or with having to pose without her mom.

So we got some cute little purple clothes on her and handed her over to Dad.

This little one is entranced by her daddy. Oh my goodness. I think they must stare into each others eyes for hours.

But at this age, having eyes only for her father is exactly what she's supposed to be doing.

RP and I used to work together, and it's been fun watching her become a mother to such a doll of a little girl.

And what an interesting family to be born into: Dad from New Zealand, Mom from Great Britain, Baby A born in the Cayman Islands, and already become as well-traveled as her parents!

But for now, I think they're all happy to be living with a view of the Caribbean Sea, with a dock that's perfect for relaxing. And great for a photo shoot.

Infants are capable of resisting sleep only so long, and Baby A looked pretty content in the hammock (at least long enough for me to get a couple shots.)

Aww, little baby feet. So tiny, but for such a short while. 

When Baby A informed us she'd had enough of the hammock, she was pretty happy to doze off in Mom's arms.

I'm so glad I got to photograph such happy parents.

Baby A, in case you were confused before, I think these photos make it pretty plain: You are dearly loved.

And that's worth photographing, no matter what the age.

For the full set of photos from this shoot, see my Google+ album here.


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