Stroke & Stride Series 2012

For the runners who can also swim, or the swimmers who can also run, or the people who want practice in both, time is running out to sign up for Ogier's Stroke & Stride race series. I'll be honest, with us being away nearly all of July, this year's series crept up on me, and I was surprised to see that the first race is this Wednesday night!

Online registrations are still being accepted, and since there is no event-day registration permitted, I recommend utilizing the online option as soon as possible. As an added incentive, online registration is at a cheaper USD rate than the KYD "offline" equivalent.

Registration fees are only $15/race and $35 for all three, which is a bargain, considering there is a prize draw after the third race. (Note: You have to be present to win; I found that out the hard way last year when I skipped the third race due to house guests and missed out on a gift certificate - bummer!)

I think this race series is a great way to get your feet wet (sorry for the pun) in either the swimming or running world. Held once a week at Sunset House for three consecutive Wednesdays, the swims are 400m, 600m, and 800m (the longest of which is only half the length of the Flowers Sea Swim that I did in June), and the runs are consistently 2 miles - all manageable distances. And in the aftermath of the recent London 2012 Olympics, who isn't a bit more motivated to get out there and start competing! (Okay actually not me, but still, you should.)


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