Dodgeball Tournament 2012

The annual dodgeball tournament occurred several weeks ago, and despite receiving lots of jabs at work about last year's outfit, NS was eager to participate again. Not only is dodgeball a fun sport/pastime (if you enjoy objects being thrown at your body), but this tournament dishes out some pretty sweet prizes. Like free Cayman Airways tickets to everyone on the winning team. That's enough to make anyone dress like a high school nerd from the '80s.

I showed up to capture the event through photos, excited to have an excuse to use my 70-200mm lens from the highest bleachers, although it wasn't nearly wide enough for these group shots.

N didn't know I was in the gym at this point, and my camera couldn't even find him in all this hub-bub.

But when they got down to playing, it was easy to zoom in and capture the action.

1, 2, 3,.. Dodgeball!

NS and CP are ready to bring it.

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this.

Again, no thanks.

This stance reminds me of his javelin-throwing high school days. Ahhh I do love me some track and field.

CP put his cricket skills to work while battling during this tournament.

Apparently, the best approach is for two people to pick a target to pummel. Simultaneously. (Can't you see why I stay in the stands during these events?!)

CP's arm must be wicked fast, because in this next shot, it completely disappeared!

I'm sure it must help to have man-sized hands when hurdling these balls across the court. I'm not sure how the girls managed to keep up. (Girls are required to be on every team, so there were plenty of them participating.)

Although everyone is out there to win, everyone is mostly out there to have fun. This team's fun spirit was infectious.

But if you're NS, you're mainly out there to win. And win he did!!

Congrats to everyone on this team, all of whom are now planning where to fly with their free tickets! Let the good times roll!