shot of the month

The photo below is really more of a preview of the many many photos I took of the three lovelies who made up our 15th set of house guests here in Cayman.

I ask you: Who could resist photographing a bare-ankled girl in nautical blue perched at the end of the long wooden dock in one's Caribbean backyard? I felt lucky to be behind the camera.

I like her "I was in the middle of a day dream when I got distracted by my glittery toe nail polish" look. No camera lens in the world could distract M from a proper inspection. That's why I chose it for this month's I-Clicked-It-Up-A-Notch Photography Contest.

More photo shoot results to come.

Click It Up A Notch


  1. this is a great photograph and i love your description of it. her outfit, look, facial expression, body position and the water all look great! nice job.

  2. I just love this shot!

  3. Great photo J! I also love that look! I'm closing my eyes and envisioning myself in that very spot, trying really hard to feel the warmth of the sun! :D