product review: the O.G. bag

Like most of my female friends, one of the loves of my life is Pinterest. For those readers who haven't caught the Pinterest bug yet, let me summarize it for you: It's like taking a photo of every single thing you like and putting them on a huge bulletin board for the world to see.  I feel cheered up every time I'm on Pinterest, seeing visuals of my favorite foods, clothes, hair styles, room decor... etc.

A while ago, I pinned a Lo & Sons travel bag that caught my eye after reading a post reviewing it on the HKHousewife blog. The HKHousewife is a seasoned traveler, and if she was impressed with the design of this bag, I figured I would be too.

Then I went along my merry way, not giving it much further thought.

Much to my surprise, my wonderful in-laws gifted me with the O.G. (overnight and gym) bag for Christmas this year, after N's Pinterest-saavy sister saw me pin it months ago. What a sneaky little love!

I'm super duper excited to try this bag out when I do some legit travel later in the year. The O.G. was perfect for lugging around all my new camera gear during the holidays (since I considered it my personal mission to document every Christmas memory), and having all my camera supplies in a shoulder bag put my mind at ease when flying, knowing the lenses weren't getting jostled around by TSA. And I even used the shoe side zipper section on a tiny overnight "trip" when staying at my parents' house on Christmas night - what a creative design!.

For those that travel - particularly on international trips when you need all sorts of extra easy-access zipper compartments for passports and tickets and various travel documents - you really should check out Lo & Son's demo video on the O.G. bag.

I also love the back story to Lo & Son's bag success, and N's mom can attest to their superior customer service she experienced when ordering.

Our next trip will be a tiny one - just a quick hop to Little Cayman - but I think this bag+luggage setup might be perfect for our weekender.

I'll apologize now to all my other handbags: The O.G. might be the only bag I grab when traveling from now on.

Oh, and as an added bonus, this bag has a lavender interior. Swoon.


  1. I better not let K see this post....or she will want one too!

  2. I! WANT! ONE!

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing bag!!!

    I also hopped onto the HKH Blog and thanks to your link, found some amazing tips for traveling long distance with toddlers =) Thanks Jenn xxx

    1. The O.G. is great! One size fits all I need. (Well, mostly...) :)
      I agree, HKH has a stellar blog, and certainly knows how to travel around the world!