big news

Just a quick post to announce that all of NS' hard work over the past year in Cayman (and the past five years in public accounting) have paid off in a big way. During the past week, NS was promoted to the position of manager! It's a huge accomplishment for someone of his age and years of experience, but with the hours he's put in and the knowledge he's garnered, I know that the role is completely well-earned. I'm sure he'll soon fill those manager shoes comfortably.

Of course, a new position means a new contract, so he has signed up for an additional two years, ending in July 2013. Since our first year in Cayman has gone by so quickly, we had no hesitation in signing up for some additional months.

R&M helped us celebrate this weekend by hosting a tapas-style luncheon after church. All four of us had bottled-up stories to tell from our combined five weeks of vacationing, so NS' promotion was a nice excuse to celebrate and socialize. Always-creative MO made a mega congratulatory card, which is now sitting on our oh-so-randomly-decorated entertainment center like a high school sports trophy. I'm enjoying having someone to be extra proud of in the house!

Congratulations, my love! I'm happy to see that your firm has recognized your talents and abilities. Way to be, as our UK friends would say, clever!


  1. Wow! Congrats!


  2. Hooray! I'm so proud of our little Nater :)

  3. Yippeeee!
    The longer we get to have you here the better!!!!!
    Congrats Nate =)