Tour de Europe

We have just arrived back in Cayman after a three-week whirlwind tour of Europe. In a trip that included some of Europe's major cities (including London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin) as well as a few smaller ones (Bath, Bruges, and Prague), we accumulated approximately 3,000 photos and just as many memories.

Europe - one big fairytale land. View from St. James Park in London.

Fortunately, we kept a small journal to keep track of the details along the way. I hope to share (a fraction of) our photos and experiences on the blog over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I can state that both of us are so relieved to be back on the island. Our one-year Cayman anniversary just occurred this week (on the 25th), and contrary to some predictions, we are happier than ever to call Grand Cayman our home. It feels pretty good end a trip with the knowledge that you'll be returning to an island that many use as a vacation destination. I plan to take full advantage of the recliners around the pool this weekend in attempt to recover from our adventures. More details to come!


  1. hahahaha! to be fair, you haven't been on island 15 months yet. these next 3 months may make all the difference.

  2. Looking forward to more pics and stories about your Europe trip! :D