mango season

When I lived and worked in New Jersey, I had an audit client in Florida that I would (willingly) visit every year in May. The director that I worked closely with had a neighbor with a mango tree, and she used to bring me fresh mangoes to snack on while I did my work.

I was just so impressed that everyday people had access to such delicious, amazing fruit right in their own backyards. I knew then and there that I needed to move south.

Well, it's May in Grand Cayman, and mango season is upon us. Unfortunately, I don't have any mango trees by our condo, but the going rate for locally-grown mangoes seems to be about $1.99/pound. (I'll add that it puts me off a bit that the imported mangoes from Mexico are cheaper than their local counterparts.) However, we've been enjoying these local mangoes with our dinners and in fruit salads as of late, and it's refreshing to know the food we're eating didn't travel from far off places and ripen in warehouses.

No matter where you live right now, I hope you're enjoying the area's flavors and treasures. Your body (and local economy) will love you for it.


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