Discovery Day 2010

Cayman recently celebrated yet another public holiday on May 16th: Discovery Day. This holiday commemorates the discovery of the three Cayman Islands by Christopher Columbus in 1503. (Quick sidenote: Out of the twelve (!) public holidays we will celebrate in Grand Cayman this year, eight of them fall during busy season. How rude.) Although many accountants end up working on these holidays due to deadlines and client needs, I planned to stay away from the office on Discovery Day in favor of hanging with my two best pals from my CPA days in New Jersey (aka "house guests.8".)

You'll notice that we are sitting on a boat, and this is because our church here in Cayman hosted a Discovery Day Boat Trip as a thank-you to all the church volunteers. Sticking with the Discovery Day theme, each family was assigned a discovered-by-Columbus location to represent.

Here were some award-winning looks:

MT came as the Statue of Liberty!
Complete with torch and "Constitution" (or tablet of law. Or phone book.)
DB, as the Bahamas. Each of the islands is attached/dangling from his hat.

A whole family "from" Puerto Rico.
Even the baby's onesie made his homeland clear.

Bringing a little Cuba to Cayman, J&S hand-rolled their own "cigars".

CN showed commitment to the theme by wearing three shirts
(in each of Jamaica's colors) despite the Cayman heat.

BK: Not sure if he's representing a Columbus discovery,
or just some good ol' PA pride.

As most holidays go (or should go), this was a family-friendly event, complete with these cute faces:

Our boat took us for a relaxing afternoon at Starfish Point, where we ate a catered lunch and competed in beach games. But before that, we enjoyed a boat day staple: Jumping off the top of the boat into the deep water just off the beach. 
(The following photos were all taken by RA, who was much braver than me and brought his DSLR along. Great, shots, R!)

A belly-flop-turned-canon-ball jump by JS.
 NS took quite a few turns:

Keep rotating, babe.

Beach race in scuba gear
Cheering section watching the jumpers:

Thank you to the Sunrise Community Church family for a wonderful holiday in the sun!