An Aussie Wedding in Cayman

Since many of our friends here in Cayman are from countries across the globe, when they get married, they are faced with the big location decision: Tying the knot on a picture-perfect tropical island with a small guest list, or holding the wedding back in their home country, surrounded by family and friends. At least, those were the only options I was aware of until this year, when a couple of our friends got married overseas and then had a second Cayman ceremony locally. This allowed for them to have the big wedding at home they always wanted, for all of us to enjoy a celebration with the couple, and for the bride to wear her dress twice. Seriously, who wouldn't want that?!

Also, because the "regular" wedding was back at home, the Cayman version could stay fairly relaxed - all party and no stuffiness. For that reason, I was asked to be the photographer for the Cayman ceremony celebrating the marriage of Kate+Shaun: Two wonderful Aussies who we've had the privilege of knowing for the past couple years.

Bonus for me: Kate is one of the prettiest brides I've ever seen.

I think she fell straight off a Free People Pinterest board.

I had the advantage of being in a pretty low-pressure position as photographer, since Kate and Shaun's Australian wedding had been well-documented in the most beautiful way a month prior to this celebration. The Cayman photos were just a big bonus to all their other footage, so I could chill out and have fun with it. And when you're photographing two people who are genetically pre-disposed for fun and laughter, it all becomes fairly easy.

For example: Kate and Shaun don't know how to say "no" to a good time, so it was only fitting that they suggested getting photos on a random sideways-growing palm tree that required a bit of awkward maneuvering to access.

The evening began with gathering all of the guests on the couple's front lawn - a.k.a Seven Mile Beach - for sunset drinks. The guest list included friends from Cayman, the U.S., and even Australia, so we had a good crew to work with.

Kate had a lovely entourage of girls around for the big day in Cayman, including a few friends from home... well as the Cayman bridesmaids.

It didn't take much coercion to get this group of lovely girls to dip their toes in the Caribbean Sea during golden hour and show the camera how they felt about it.

When the crowds left for the reception at George Town Yacht Club, Kate and Shaun had a few moments on the beach with Rich and Maya - best friends of the couple and fellow newlyweds themselves.

Kate and Maya have been partners in crime since Kate broke into the Cayman scene a couple years ago. If dancing on tables, kitesurfing for days, and dominating "fancy dress" parties are punishable, these two have a long rap sheet to explain.

It was an honor to play such an intimate role for Kate and Shaun's celebration. We're blessed to call them our friends, and we couldn't be happier for their future lives together.

Unfortunately for all of us in Cayman, the happy couple's journey has led them back to their hometown of Perth. But these island memories won't quickly fade, and we look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Until then, another huge congratulations to you, Kate and Shaun! We know you will continue being your awesome selves halfway across the globe. This island will never be the same!


  1. A wedding on the rock really is the best! The beaches can't compare to a wedding in let's say Toronto or Chicago lol. Just for the wedding pictures alone its worth staying in Cayman.