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I want to let you know that the blog has a new page, dedicated to all those accountants who dream of moving to Grand Cayman and have loads of burning questions about the jobs, the lifestyle, and the moving process. Head on over to the CPA FAQs page, in which I document a variety of emails I've received and responded to over the past few years. Hopefully you'll find some useful tips that can help to guide your decision. If not, we're just an email away!


In other news, you'll notice that NS is sporting a brand-spankin-new pair of Melting Hearts sunnies in the photo above. If his beach chic take on these sunglasses isn't convincing enough, check out the Custom Eyes Obsession page on the Melting Hearts newly designed website for a few more choice snaps of a CPA you may recognize.

Or should that be... Recogn-Eyes...


Join the obsession! It's ridiculously fun!


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