Ritz birthday

As we wrap up 2013, NS and I are doing our best to embrace the reality that we are facing the last of our 20's.

Photo credit: SM

It's true: We--and all of our '84 cohorts--are preparing ourselves for the big 3-0 in 2014.

But it doesn't seem right to celebrate 30 before we celebrate 29.

So I now share with you, three months after the fact, some of the photos from N's 29th birthday, which we celebrated at the Ritz in Cayman.

Going to the Ritz for breakfast might be my favorite way to enjoy affordable luxury on the island. The hotel property is still quiet in the morning, the food is hot and free-flowing, and the only sense of urgency is the temptation to move the party to the pool.

And, as compared with the many brunch opportunities on island (which are more like breakfast, lunch, and dinner combined into one mega meal), breakfast at the Ritz remains more traditional and "breakfast-y".

Our Cayman family joined us for the 20s-farewell-party.

Party guests ranged from the more mature...

WH ushered in his third decade like a pro...a little while ago.

...to the less experienced...

Princess JW graces the birthday breakfast with her presence.

...to the straight-up newcomers.

SM practicing her aunty skills on Baby O.

Our late breakfast progressed into a mid-day swim in the Ritz' world-class beach-side pool.

The clouds couldn't keep the birthday crowd from enjoying the warm Cayman air and nearly-empty pool deck.

This pair. Endless smiles.
Water babies love Cayman.

Along with lounging and swimming, the Ritz pool seemed to be a great place for JW to give Aunt JS a little foot massage.

And then there was the Snoozer.

Our resident 30-something looked so comfortable that I decided to give the pose a try. After all, I'm closing in on a new decade myself.

Am I doing it right? Is there an instruction manual I can check?

Young JW must have wanted to get cozy too, because the next thing I knew...

A Ritz rash guard! Love!
...she was cuddled up with Dad right alongside us.

LW, beautiful inside and out.

I think our friends from every decade enjoyed the chilled-out afternoon at the Ritz. What's not to like?!

Baby O deep in a poolside chat with Mom.

Happy last-of-our-20s, all you 1984 babies out there! Enjoy it while it lasts; I'm expecting big things out of you all in the next decade!

My 29-year-young guy.
For the full set of Ritz birthday photos, see the Google+ album here.


  1. Was so great to celebrate a great day with you lovelies!