...and we're back!

The Laptop Drama of the Century went from bad to worse to great: The good ol' Dell died for good, we ordered our first Mac, we're slowly but surely restoring three years of photos from our online backup, and I'm trying to figure out how to do simple things like move photos from an SD card to an external hard drive attached to the Mac. I really do love learning; I just haven't had the time to read the users manual. And I will read the users manual.

Meanwhile, I've still been taking photos, so there's quite a backlog of blog posts. Here's a sprinkling of what I saw through my Canon lens during February, March, and April:

1. Cooking class with EL

Remember those gyozas from Thanksgiving? I just so happen to know how to make those now. But I'm still better at eating them.

2. NORCECA Volleyball Tournament 

                             photo credit: NS

This year's event just so happened to include an Olympian.

  photo credit: NS
Todd Rogers on the left. Freakishly tall partner on the right.

3. Ritz Staycation

Twenty-four hours of completely necessary relaxation.

Can't recommend it enough.

4. First time trip to Cincinnati

The city was cool, but didn't hold a candle to the real reason we flew to Ohio.

Love her, love her, love her.

5. The little sister gets married

This involved a lot of high heels...

...dancing in the aisles...

                             photo credit: NS
Rehearsals should always be this fun.
...the world's best maid of honor... 

...a breathtaking bride...

...a tiny bit of sister time...

...and one ultra-happy newlywed couple.

Congrats to E&C! Your happiness is contagious!

Lots to blog about! Here's to keeping the posts coming during the next ten weeks of busy season. But first, I gotta learn how switch between programs, scroll through windows, and right-click (so basic!) on this new-fangled laptop. I guess I know what my bedtime reading will consist of tonight!


  1. nice sneak peek! can't wait to see more on all these things!