the art of saying goodbye.2

So K&B are in the process of getting outta Dodge. Why? We don't know. But before they fly back to their beach-less home, I know it is their intent to enjoy our Caribbean coastline as frequently as possible in these last few weeks in Grand Cayman. For this reason, after work one evening, we met them along with R&M at Governor's Beach to watch the sunset together.

I really love Governor's Beach. As the name implies, it's right next to the governor's house, so no loud music is allowed. As a result, you can predictably find a serene atmosphere on this portion of the Seven Mile Beach strip. And it always produces a lovely sunset.

K&B are some of the most laid-back, friendly, warm people we've ever met, so this little sunset rendezvous was true to their vibe: All about friends chatting away, enjoying the best the island has to offer.

And speaking of the island's best, RL enjoyed the loaf of freshly made bread that I found earlier that day at Camana Bay's Farmers' Market. Every Wednesday from 12pm - 7pm, you can find everything from fresh produce to organic breads to sweet smoothies to homemade soaps - all from local vendors. I'm now a regular attendee.

And between bites, we all took in the view.

K&B live just a couple blocks off of Governor's Beach, and it's hard to imagine them not being on hand for little get-togethers like this. They're much like family to us, where we know they don't require much advanced warning when we need to drop in or want to meet up for a sunset.

I think we'll get as many of these little visits in as we can in their final weeks. Tonight, for example, I texted KK as I was leaving work to find out what their evening held. Sure enough, they were free, and we spent a lovely couple of hours walking around Camana Bay, eating fro-yo, and talking about our futures.

I really think that friends like these are hard to find. And despite the miles that will soon separate us, I don't intend to lose them.

So here's to making the most of the time that remains.

More sunsets! More beach chats! More fro-yo! (Okay, now I'm just being greedy.)


  1. loved this post, although i hate to think of leaving! i'm glad that no matter how far we move, you don't intend to loose us as friends. we don't intend to be lost either! yay to more sunset, beach chats and fro-yo!

  2. So sad to hear that they left :( Such a lovely couple!