island sights, sports, and savories

Sights: Iguana Tree

There is a tall, seemingly dead tree that I spot as I walk into work every day. Compared to the relatively lush island foliage around it, this thing looks like a telephone pole with branches. But when you look a little closer, you can find plenty of life adorning its spiky arms.

I call it the Iguana Tree.

These guys must get a head start on the morning sun, or maybe this is where they sleep all night, because by noon, they are nowhere to be found.

I like how some of them don't even bother to hang on. They make it seem like relaxation at its peak.

Hey guys, I'd love to join you,
but I have financial statements waiting for me inside.

Sports: NORCECA Volleyball Circuit

During the last week in March, Seven Mile Public Beach transformed into an international volleyball tournament, complete with flags, billboards, bleachers, announcers, and of course, volleyball nets. The NORCECA volleyball confederation hosted the free-to-the-public Cayman Islands Beach Volleyball Tournament right here in Grand Cayman - the first stop of the 2011 circuit.

We walked with B&K from their apartment to the beach one afternoon to catch some of the action, and happened upon a match between the men from Canada and the Dominican. (I think it was a consolation game.)

The women played simultaneously on another court. We saw part of the Puerto Rico / Mexico quarterfinal game. Mexico went on to win, but were defeated by the U.S. in the championship.

I like the sign below for the sponsorship of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee - it seemed appropriate, considering several Olympic volleyball players were reportedly in attendance, including Sinjin Smith, who apparently was assessing the Cayman Islands as a location for a world volleyball event.

To be honest, we didn't stay all that long. The sun was out in full force, and we were boiling hot, as (what I perceive to be) summer weather is upon us. I can't imagine how the athletes must have felt. Poor Walter found what shade he could.

In what little I saw, it seemed to be a well-run, well-attended event. Hopefully more of these tournaments will be hosted in Cayman in the future.

Savories: Abacus

A few weeks ago, our bi-monthly date night with R&M took us to Abacus, a restaurant in Camana Bay. Although I loved the restaurant's indoor design (dark wood, amber lighting, and an open kitchen), as it was a quiet, comfortable Thursday night at on the island, we opted for the outdoor seating.

Enough good things couldn't be said about the sea bass, so three out of the four of us ended up ordering it. It's a good thing too - after taking just one bite, no one wanted to share the rest! MO had ordered the sea bass before and thought she might be disappointed after building it up in her mind so much, but she had nothing to fear.

If the phrase "melts in your mouth" wasn't so cliche, I would use it to accurately describe the Abacus sea bass experience. Just rest assured that it is some of the best fish I've ever tasted.

We really love our regular dates with these two. Having scheduled fun with good friends gives us something to look forward to during busy season, helping to make the weekdays go by a bit faster.

Speaking of our double dates, RL cooked in for our last. His perfectly prepared and gorgeously plated Steak Rossini put my culinary skills to shame.

photo credit: MO
So you cook gourmet food? I'll be your friend for life.

Wondering why there were six plates? As much as I would have loved a double helping, plates #5 and 6 were for C&R, making it an enjoyable triple date. Especially since RG made cheesecake for April birthdays (mine and RL's.)

               photo credit: MO
Everyone fought over who got a part of the chocolate words,
but every bite was cool and refreshing.
The dessert choice led to a cheesecake-connoisseur discussion about cheesecake styles. While RG's dessert was frozen, everyone had an opinion on baked vs. Italian vs. New York vs. Philadelphia. I think I'm motivated to get a spring-form pan, some Philly cream cheese, and start sampling! Cheesecake party, anyone?


  1. another great post! love the iguana tree!!!

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