beach wedding

A few weekends ago, as my parents (sadly) boarded a plane and left the island, I returned home to shoot my first wedding! Right in my own backyard! Granted, I'm not sure the bride or groom or even the other photographer noticed I was on the job, but I took my role seriously and captured all those important moments.

What I love about a beach wedding is the lack of props needed. The beautiful sand, sun, and sea made up 95% of this wedding's decorations. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I love how as I waited for the bride, this guy couldn't even be bothered that a wedding was occurring right under his nose.

The kilts led me to believe it was a Scottish wedding.

And continuing with appropriate cultural references, music was provided by a steel drummer.

My favorite part of waiting for the wedding party was watching this sweet mother/son combo out on our dock.

Oh that precious little kilt.
Soon I got properly bored and resorted to taking pictures of myself...

"Oh! Glitter!"
 Back to work! Here she comes...

The "other" photographer is stealing my thunder
in that prime position.


Oh, the bridemaid's dress matches the sea. And those kilts tie right in. Perhaps they're family colors? No matter - the surroundings are all I cared for.

I'm also a fan of how the groomsmen sported their shades throughout the whole ceremony.
It's only fair; they're west-facing.
I switched my vantage point. Just look at this beaming bride!

Soon the ceremony was over (isn't that always the way?) and the wedding party waited for their individual photos.

While I'm not a fan of the one-shouldered look, I made an allowance here. Just check out the roses on the bride's left shoulder in this group shot. *sigh*

And for our final photos, I shot the bride and groom from my balcony!

Excuse the orange cat 5 wire spanning the pool area. The internet issues around here....

Since that weekend, we saw another wedding at the very same spot. A picture perfect setting is hard to beat. At this rate, I'll have to start charging the wedding parties for all this work I have lined up...


  1. My favorite is the little boy in the kilt with his mother on your dock! So so cute!


  2. this is so funny! you did a great job capturing the day. Want to make it a KruBook?

  3. haha! only if I'm a featured photographer on the blog! ;)

  4. You and Katie could start a business - you in photography and her in albums! I just finished my Cayman trip scrapbook and those familiar palm trees are everywhere :)

  5. Jenn! I think one of those kilts (the blue and green one) might be Douglas(s) plaid! Lovely wedding :) her dress was fantastic with the roses! :)

  6. Jenn,
    Didn't you feel a bit like a creeper taking these photos??? Haha

  7. don't people expect extra people with cameras at their wedding??