first impressions

We're here!

What I thought of:

The airport.
Small. You walk off the plane presidential-style - down the stairs. I wanted to wave, but my carry-on was pretty heavy.

The weather.
Humid. Not exceptionally hot, but, as NS put it, going for a run was like running through jello. Pretty good for a calorie burn.

The car.
Dyslexic.  Right-hand steering, left-hand driving, a turn signal where your windshield-wiper used to be... Oh the joys of a British lifestyle. At least the rental is automatic.

The hotel.
Clean. Isn't that the most important thing when staying away? Of course, it has an efficiency kitchen, a pool, a bar & grill, and is across the road from Seven Mile Beach. It's within walking distance of my office, and it's what we'll call home for about 5 weeks.

The beach.
Quiet. On a Saturday! I think there was only one other couple on the beach near us.
Oh, and free! How different from NJ.

The water.
Blue. Not as clear as I remembered, but that's due to Tropical Depression Matthew.

A storm out on the water.

The food.
Fresh. Although "burgers almost as big as your head" are the specialty, we stuck with the island fish tacos. Wow. Plus they gave us complimentary mini ice cream cones with our check. I love free!

The grocery store.
Expensive. We tried to stick to the basics but still spent over $100. Cayman dollars. That's $120 US.

Bare bones living for now!

The island.
Friendly. Happy. Warm. Home.


  1. yeah!!! loving this. thank heavens you entered blogville! ;) xoxo

  2. Great beach photos :)